Image of Hound Scales - Case (Nabis) 12" [5WALL001]

Hound Scales - Case (Nabis) 12" [5WALL001]

by Hound Scales
Ghosts On Tape
and Isolated Lines

$12.99 / Sold Out

Brooklyn-via-San Francisco producer Hound Scales delivers Case (Nabis), the inaugural release for Brooklyn-based imprint Fifth Wall. An exercise in percussive junta rave, the five originals and three remixes push the boundaries of modern techno and are best understood in a dark, enormous warehouse. Icee Hot co-founder Ghosts On Tape steps up to the plate to remix the title track and furnishes a driving deep house cut that, midway through, morphs into a bass-heavy techno-indebted workout. Meanwhile, Switzerland’s Isolated Lines provides an excellent deep, syncopated techno roller in his remix of “Stasi Flex (Homme Plus),” and Sheffield-based newcomer The Weald supplies a huge warehouse-ready interpretation of “Black Bile (Dog Star).”

A1: Case (Nabis)
A2: Stasi Flex (Homme Plus)
B1: Case (Nabis) (Ghosts On Tape Remix)
B2: Stasi Flex (Homme Plus) (Isolated Lines Remix)

If you'd like custom artwork hand-drawn on the jacket by the artist, Hound Scales, share the the release somewhere on the internet and send us a note at telling us.

Limited run with 200 copies. Ships from New York.